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I C Creations – A publishing company that assists independent writers cover all the necessary bases to publish their creative works and maintain ownership of their creative offerings.  I C Creations will take care of your publishing needs while also providing an multiple  distribution outlets to market and sell your products.  

I C Designs and Concepts – Takes customer ideas and morphs them into filly translatable concepts for various platforms.  We specialize in helping customers bring their visions into reality.  I C Designs also focuses on creating branded designs that speak to our past, represent our present and prepare for our future.  Our designs boast Inspiration and Define LEGACY.

I C Occasions – A one stop shop to find assistance with your event needs.  We handle the tedious little things that often are forgot.   Stop dreading the ever growing and changing guest list,  we got it!   No more struggling with the seating chart, the event flow chart, the day of logistics and the event agenda, it’s all taken care of.  Sit back and enjoy your event knowing that the details are handled.

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