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Donut and her Daddy

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Honest and straight forward, Donut and Her Daddy, is a touching story that explores the beautiful and unique relationship between a colorful little girl and her daddy.   The bond between these two grows as Donut deals with the emotional loss of her mother and Daddy makes every effort to make sure Donut retains her innocent love of life, daughter and all things pink.  It’s Daddy’s goal to help Donut grow into a creative, witty, giving and strong young woman just like her mommy.   Donut and Her Daddy focuses on the positive, the recognition that Donut is not alone but still part of a family and village of people who love and support her.  

Donut and Her Daddy is a beautifully illustrated and sweet text designed to help children of all ages cope with the loss of a loved one and find comfort during a stressful and difficult time.

Caleb and Papa WHO ARE YOU?

Who Are You Front Cover.png

A heartfelt story about the relationship between a loving and creative little boy and his favorite person in the world, Papa, his grandpa.   Caleb and Papa do everything together.  They fight pirates in the backyard, go fishing and battle regularly, playing their favorite PlayStation and Xbox games.  Caleb has to come to grips with his grandpa being diagnosed with dementia and how this illness transforms their lives and their relationship.  Caleb struggles to understand how dementia is changing Papa every day.  Love helps Caleb to think out of the box and to use creativity combined with all the details from Papa's stories, to help him remember Who He Is!

My son loved this short story and learned a great lesson while reading it! I recommend for parents to add to their children's library.


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